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himekaji Himekaji

I use to be this emo girl back in the day’s but now my style is basically emo and girly mixed. But to be honest I really love the gyaru style and then especially the Himekaji style.

Himekaji is a toned down version of the Hime Gyaru style. Hime Gyaru is a style that let’s girls look like princesses with a lot of pink colours and over the top stuff. Himekaji is a toned down style so it still has the girlyness of Hime Gyaru but isn’t as over the top but more casual so it is easier to wear.

Since I started buying clothes I always loved the emo style so like 90% of my wardrobe is black but especially now summer comes I really want to change up my style for it to be more girly. I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram. Especially from yu_demi, I love her style so much. Another Instagram user with a similar style is mh_audrey.

Sadly most of the dresses she wears are from Liz Lisa, a expensive Japanese brand. And like all the populair Japanese brands their clothes comes only in one size. Which is a Japanese medium so a American/European small or extra small. Since I would never ever fit those clothes since I’m a Large in european sizes I decided to try and find some similar clothing online and in stores.

The one store around here where I found a lot of clothing like this style is Bershka. There clothing runs pretty small to but at least some of the stuff fits me. One of the online stores that sell clothing like Liz Lisa is dreamV. I haven’t found any other websites yet. I love the style so much because it is so girly and cute but it is like the opposite of the Emo style which I had before.






  What do you think about Himekaji?

16 Mar 2014 | 3 Comments


  1. DinjaDONUT vd Broek says:

    I’m not really wearing any style (or well I do, I call it Dinja style :’3 )

  2. I tried to be emo/scene some time ago too and my style has changed a lot now. I like more girly stuffs but black is always my love haha ~ so I think I found myself in pastel goth C: I hope I’ll buy clothes in this style in the future (。・ω・)
    BTW. just try to look after some shops on Storenvy :3

    Mickey ♡

    1. I tried pastel goth for a while now, It is basically what I wear atm but I feel like pastel goth is a really small style, like there’s not many options and not many pastel goth clothes to find on the internet :(. And I feel like it’s just a little to black for summer (says a girl who wore all black even when it was like 28 C x3)…

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