kawaii apps iphone android 2

Kawaii Apps for iPhone & Android #2

cute apps

In this series I will post some kawaii apps for iPhone and Android. Most of these are free to download!  Most of these are for both iPhone and Android but some of them aren’t so I’m sorry if there are some apps that are only for one. If you have any suggestions for apps that you think should be here leave a comment.

custom stickers telegram

Telegram Stickers | WhatsApp alternative


Back when Facebook bought WhatsApp some people switched to Telegram. Telegram is an online messaging app like WhatsApp but it has a few extras.

whats on my 3ds

What’s on my 3DS | Games, Skins, Themes

whats on my 3ds

I sometimes post 3DS reviews here even though I know many of you might not have one. I really love my 3DS and wanted to write something about it.

disney tsum tsum game

Disney Tsum Tsum for iPhone & Android

disney tsum tsum game

Do you love cute games? Do you love free games? Do you love Disney games? If you answered yes on all those questions Disney Tsum Tsum might just be the game for you. Disney and Line the makers of Line Play that I blogged about a while ago have made a puzzle game together.