How to make blog photos | 7 tips


When I first started blogging I never imagined that quality photos make such a big difference. Photos are very important to make your blog posts stand out and give the best impression of a product.


Pokemon is 20 years old! 1996 – 2016


In 1996 the first Pokemon game was released in Japan. Not knowing what a big hype it would be. Now 20 years later new Pokemon games are still being released.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS

Animal crossing justduet

In Animal Crossing you become the mayor of a small town that animals live in. You can decorate the town however you like.

Kawaii Apps for iPhone & Android #3

kawaii games

In this series I will post some of the cutest apps for iPhone and Android. All of these are for iPhone and Android. And the best of all, their all free! If you have any suggestions for apps that you think should be here  leave a comment.

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