First time trying Yankee Candle | Votive

Yankee candle votive snowflake cookie salted caramel vanilla cupcake 100

I finally decided to try the famous Yankee Candles. I love scented candles and I have seen a lot of people raving about these but since I thought they where really expensive I never tried them.


Decluttering, clean up your life


I am really inspired with decluttering lately. Decluttering is cutting stuff out of your life that you don’t love to get more organised. You can apply this on almost everything in your life; your room, make-up, computer, clothes and many more things.

angel wing backpack

How to survive back to school

angel wing backpack

The summer holidays are almost over and for some of us it’s time to go back to school again. I personally always loved going back to school and meeting new people. But I know it’s also a bit scary if your in a new class and don’t know anyone yet. Here are some tips to survive going back to school.


Disney & Sanrio Tsum Tsum Plushies

disney plush

A while ago I told you about the Tsum Tsum app for iPhone and Android made by Disney. At that time the Tsum Tsum plushies where still a bit new but they have become so much more populair since then.