March Haul | New Yorker, Primark, Six

Rose Headband pearl

Yesterday I went shopping in Utrecht together with Dinja. But since I didn’t buy that much I decided to also include the items I bought the day before in Arnhem. I also bought some other small things but those weren’t that interesting.

cute ebay finds

eBay Finds #1 | Accessoires under $3

Cute ebay finds 1

As you all probably know I love eBay but it sometimes is hard to find cute things on there so I decided to share some of the cute things that I find. I will make a couple of posts about this with all kinds of different theme’s.


Kawaii Winter Boots | Be cute in the winter

White bow high heel kawaii winter boots

I love love love Japanese shoes. Sadly I can’t wear them since I’m a size 41 in Europe and they mostly only go up to size 38. So I decided to try and find some that have bigger sizesĀ or are just cute in general. So here are some Kawaii Winter Boots from eBay that I found for you.

pink gradient hair

Pink gradient hair | My experience

pink gradient hair

I wanted to try unnatural hair colours for a while now but I never really had the guts to do it. But for Abunai, an Anime convention in the Netherlands, I decided to cosplay the Arcade Miss Fortune skin from League of Legends.