This is my bucketlist with things I would love to do in the future.

Created on januari 2016
Last updated in december 2018


  • Visit Stroop – A place with all kinds of different weird kinds of stroop waffles in Rotterdam.


  • Visit every capital city of the provinces in the Netherlands –
    ‘s Hertogenbosch, Arnhem, Assen, Den Haag, Groningen, Haarlem, Leeuwarden, Lelystad, Maastricht, Middelburg, Utrecht, Zwolle
  • Visit Londen 28-11-2017
  • Visit Paris
  • Visit New York
  • Visit Japan – Keep on dreamin’
  • Travel by plane 28-11-2017
  • Visit Victoria Secret 28-11-2017
  • Visit Target


  • Go stargazing in a field
  • Watch the sunset
  • Get a manicure from a specialist
  • Get a pedicure from a specialist
  • Get a massage from a specialist
  • Visit the Euromast in Rotterdam
  • Visit Hellendoorn (an amusement park in the Netherlands)
  • Try a Zumba class in a gym


  • Visit Gamescom in Germany
  • Visit Japanday in Germany
  • Go to Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London


  • Get a tragus piercing
  • Get a double helix piercing


  • Get a kitty ღ
  • Live together with a boyfriend
  • Get married
  • Live in a house with a bath
  • Live in a house with a fireplace