Blippo Giveaway & Review

pink bow bunny plush

A while back I did a review  & giveaway of the Kawaii Box. The owners of the Kawaii Box also have an online store with really cute kawaii goods. So if there is something in an older Kawaii Box that you really want you might still be able to buy it on their website. They asked me to review some of their stuff and asked me to do a giveaway. I found that they have the best prices out of all the kawaii websites I found. And they even got free worldwide shipping!

Since I live in the Netherlands and they are located in Hong Kong I expected a long delivery time but I received it within 8 days which is crazy because most parcels from Hong Kong that I receive take at least one month for me.

Blippo has the Tokyo Sale at the moment so 400 items are -80% off.

 :lwing:  Visit Blippo’s website  :rwing:

omg keychain blippo

OMG Keychain

star7star7star7star7star grey

€ 1,30 ~ Buy it

It looks really cute and is the perfect shade of pink. It’s one of those keychains you can’t resist to play with because it’s super bendy. I also love that it’s pretty big so if you drop your keys in your bag they are easy to find because of the size, colour and texture.

panda puffy stickers blippo

Puffy Panda Stickers

star7star7star7star7star grey

€ 1,30 ~ Buy it

Panda’s are one of my favourite animals together with kitty’s and bunny’s. I love puffy stickers because they are so funny to press. They are the perfect size to like decorate your phone or 3DS with. They are really good quality and look adorable.

puccho grapefruit candy blippo

Puccho Chewy Candy – Pink Grapefruit

star7star7star7star greystar grey

 € 2,28 ~ Buy it

This candy has a grapefruit and yoghurt flavour. The texture is really weird. It actually reminds me of Bubble Tea. It has a soft texture on the outside like Fruitella and inside there are multiple small ball shaped gummy’s with the grapefruit flavours. It is also available in other flavours.

pink bow bunny plush

Bow Bunny Plush Charm


€ 3,70 ~ Buy it

This is definitely my favourite product. Like I said before bunny’s are one of my favourite animals and this one is about as cute as they get. She has a little pink bow and a really cute face. It’s the perfect size to hang on a bag. She’s also available in blue, red & mint. I think it would be really cute to buy these with your best friend and have different colours.

Blippo Giveaway

Blippo was so kind to give me the chance to give away a few cute items. The giveaway has ended and we have a winner!


The winner is HaleyJanex, have fun with your prize ^^

Whats your favourite item?

11 Apr 2015 | 3 Comments


  1. l0vepirate says:

    I think the keychain was just made for me. XD I’m always searching for my keys. Unfortunately, I’ve only seen it available in pink and I don’t like pink that much. :/
    But I’ll check out their store nonetheless.
    And thanks for hosting the giveaway as well, for sure. ^-^

  2. Dinja says:

    Oeeh leuke spulletjes :D
    Die bunny plushie is zo schattig x3
    En ofcourse doe ik mee aan de giveaway :D

  3. 8 dagen is echt snel! Ik koop soms ook iets uit Hong Kong en dan duurt het minimaal 2 weken voordat mijn bestelling aankomt.

    En ik heb nog nooit iets besteld maar kijk altijd vol smart naar de snoepjes, stickers en magazines <3
    Mag alleen van mezelf niks kopen haha.

x_x o_o XD L_L >< ;_; ;) :| :yay: :x :sure: :s :rwing: :p :omg: :nod: :no: :lwing: :greyheart: :] :D :3 :/ :* :) :( :$ (6)