Battle Camp, Pokémon for iOS & Android?

Battle Camp - Pokémon Battle Camp - Pokémon

Recently I came across this smartphone game called Battle Camp. It instantly reminded me of Pokémon. Most of you probably know what a huge Pokémon fan I am so I had to try this.

You fight with your team of 5 monsters by playing some kind of Bejeweled like game to make them attack. You can collect all kinds of monsters by fighting against them or trading. There are 918 different monsters to collect. They can evolve to, like in Pokémon. You get quests to level up and discover new area’s.

There is also a huge multiplayer aspect in this since you can join a troop, some kind of clan and fight battles with other troops. You can also give gifts to other players and battle vs them. Like in other games you can get a Rank and hunt for achievements.

I honestly am not much of a mobile gamer, mainly since my battery sucks but also because when I have like 15 minutes or something in the train I would rather play on my 3DS. Most of the time when I actually play mobile games I play them one time and then never touch them again. So I’m happy I finally found a mobile game that gets my intrest.


Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 15.33.14

  :lwing:  Download Battle Camp for iPhone  :rwing:

  :lwing:  Download Battle Camp for Android :rwing:

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Do you play Battle Camp?

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