Cute School Supplies | Back to school #1

kawaii school supplies

When I was younger I always loved to look for school supplies in the summer vacation. Even though I don’t really need that many now because we do everything on a laptop I still love cute looking school supplies.

You can also use these at work or just at home to make your life a little cuter. I wanted to share these cute ones I found on a kawaii webshop called Blippo.

Cute school supplies

Pegasus Ball Pen cute school supplies Animal Note Sticker Set cute school supplies

:lwing: Pegasus Ball Pen  :rwing:  :greyheart: :lwing: Animal Note Sticker Set  :rwing:

Rilakkuma Sweets plastic folder with tabs Hello Kitty Ink Pen with Dessert Decoration

 :lwing: Rilakkuma Sweets folder  :rwing:  :greyheart: :lwing: Hello Kitty Pen with Dessert Decoration :rwing:

Kawaii Bear Water Bottle Rilakkuma Mini Note

 :lwing: Kawaii Bear Water Bottle  :rwing:  :greyheart:   :lwing: Rilakkuma Mini Notebook :rwing:

Persian Cat notebook cute school supplies Chocolate Eraser Set cute school supplies

 :lwing: Persian Cat notebook  :rwing:  :greyheart: :lwing: Chocolate Eraser Set  :rwing:

Which one do you like best?

21 Jul 2015 | 10 Comments


  1. ktsntsk says:

    the chocolate erasers are adorableeee

  2. aw *-* I can’t! All is really cute omg
    I need to buy things for school too

  3. A C Y H O Z says:

    ahhh that cat note boook!!! I love that lil cat hehe

    1. Ria Pawley says:

      I hate cats no to be mean

      :* :/

  4. Coba says:

    I like the Animal Note Sticker Set best. It’s simply adorable and very useful, even after graduating. I feel like people who are now working would have most use for those. But everything in this list is adorable. Thanks for sharing :3

  5. Dinja says:

    Awww zo schattig allemaal! Die Rilakkuma dingetjes zijn altijd zo leuk :3

  6. robin says:

    omg die water bottle is zo leuk O_O en zo cute~

  7. Nadis says:

    They all looks soo cute! I always like to buy cute stationary XD It’s a shame that I don’t use it often as I wanted ^^; buuut that doesn’t stop me to get more =x

    1. Sann (admin) says:

      Yeah I know that problem I got tons of them to but they are so cute *_* Sometimes I’m even scared to use them haha :p

      1. Chobi says:

        haha, You aren’t the only one! I have that problem too D:

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