Axent Wear | Cat Ear Headphones

axent wear cat ear headphones

The awesome girls from Axent Wear created real cat ear headphones, the kind of headphones you normally only see in Anime or Manga. Similar headphones were seen in the manga Fuuka.

I have been following this concept for a while now on Facebook and yesterday they finally launched their indiegogo which is a crowd funding website like the more known kickstarter. So you can actually buy them now. The headphones have speakers in the cat ears so you can let your friends join in on your music.

They also have a removable USB charging cable and a microphone so you can Skype or game with them.

  :lwing:  Go to Axent Wear’s Indiegogo  :rwing:

  :lwing:  Go to Axent Wear’s Website  :rwing:

  :lwing:  Buy the Headphones :rwing:

axent wear cat ear headphones

You can choose from the colors Blue, Green, Red and Purple.

They are €150 each, this is because there’s a $35 shipping fee included and it’s a indiegogo so it costs a little more since it’s a a new company.  You can buy the headphones on the indiegogo and pay with PayPal.

axent wear cat ear headphones purple 1

axent wear cat ear headphones blue 1

Do you like them?

9 Oct 2014 | 13 Comments


  1. ?????????NL girl says:

    Hey, welke website bedoelen/koop je de cat ears headphone ??

  2. NL girl says:

    Hey, welke website bedoelen/koop je de cat ears headphone ??

  3. Ayse says:

    Hoe kan ik deze koptelefoon bestellen. Het lukt mij niet! Wordt niet geleverd in Nederland

  4. lyanne says:

    ik wil zo graag die blauwe alleen het probleem is dat ze niet naar nederland kunnen verzenden helaas
    weet jij een manier om toch zo 1 te krijgen ?

    1. Als het goed is kunnen ze gewoon naar Nederland verzenden, een aantal mensen die ik ken hebben er een dus het zou gewoon moeten kunnen. Misschien kan je ze even e-mailen?

  5. isabelle says:

    j’ai voulu les acheter le problème est que le vendeur n’accepte pas le paiement avec paypal hors des états unis

    1. I translated your comment and that’s weird, my friend bought them with paypal and hes from the Netherlands so maybe you should e-mail them and they can check what’s wrong :o You should definitely be able to purchase them from outside the US.

      Bad google translation:
      Je traduisais votre commentaire et que est bizarre , mon ami les a achetés avec PayPal et hes des Pays-Bas alors peut-être vous devriez les envoyer par courriel et ils peuvent vérifier ce qui ne va pas : o Vous devez certainement être en mesure de les acheter à l’extérieur des États-Unis.

  6. kyomii says:

    I want the purple one, button I don’t know of it can my daddy think it’s to mach money grrrr buts soooo kawaii ???????

  7. Shinju says:

    too bad.. i dont have that money to buy the purple ones ;(

  8. Paige Mckinnon says:

    Ohh these headphones are the cutest~ :3
    I hope that they make a pair which lights up a pink colour! C:

    1. admin says:

      Yeah I hope that to, Love pink <3

  9. lee says:

    thank you for sharing! Ze zien heel indrukwekkend uit ^^ Wist totaal niet dat er zoiets cools bestaat ;000

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