Animecon 2012

Last weekend i went to Animecon 2012 for 3 days. It was really fun. Me and Miranda stayed in Hotel Hengelo van der Valk because I was to late for the lottery for a room in the official Animecon hotel. Because they already did a lottery at 1 december 2011. And I didn’t know that. It was a lot cheaper then the Animecon hotel but I think the Animecon hotel is better to be at. Because we had to go with a bus to the convention and back every time which costed 4 euro for one trip to the convention. And the bus only came like once every 2 hours. Since we tought that the bus didn’t ride at night on friday we already had to go back to the hotel at 0.30. But later when we looked closely at the convention guide it said that you could go to the gaderobe and they would call a bus if enough people wanted to go back.
Why do they always put so much useless stuff in those convention guides. It makes you miss out on the important stuff. And I never read the small manga’s in there anyways.
Aniway my cosplay for friday and saturday was Pikachu from Pokemon. A lot of people asked for pictures especially when i was together with more Pikachu cosplayers. I also had a huge Pokeball plush with me.


I haven’t been to many things mainly just walking around, chilling, meeting new people and going to the dealer room for cute items.
I did not make many photo’s but i took some with Dinja’s camera but she still has to send them to me so I will probably post them later on.
Can’t wait till Abunaicon <3
Our hotel room, ignore the mess haha.
What i bought:
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