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I’m open for working with companies or promoting products. You can send me and e-mail to discuss the details. I will always review products honestly, I will try to rate a product as positively as possible but honestly comes first. You can message me through the contact form or e-mail me at


A great way to promote your company is a giveaway. They are always the best visited posts. They also work best if I’m able to make photos of the product and you ship one to the winner. They give a lot of brand awareness and help with social media likes.  You can message me through the contact form or e-mail me at


Here you can see the stores and brands I have worked with in the past.

Kawaii Box | Japan Candy Box | Blippo | Tokyo Treat | Japan Crate | Doki Doki Crate


Do you have a blog and want to be my partner? Message me through the contact form. Your blog will be placed below. I will only accept blogs that I like, no 18+ content.

DinjaDonut | Ten No Juin


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