is a place where I share my experiences surrounding Japanese fashion, beautylifestyle and cute products.

I hope you get some inspiration here to make your day to day life a little bit cuter. When I started reading some really inspiring blogs I decided I wanted to blog too. I love sharing the things that I find with other people and giving advice. This means that I will only ever share things that I support for 100%.

Piixel has around 5.000 pageviews per month. My native language is dutch but I write my blog in english because I can reach more people.


I’m Sanne, a 26 year old girl from the Netherlands. I study to be a web developer but I also love cute things, Japanese fashion, cosplay, gaming and much more. Even though I do a nerdy study I’m still kind of a girly girl who loves pink and cute things.


If you want to work together or ask anything feel free to contact me, or follow me on social media.