Spreepicky | Kawaii Online Stores #5

spreepicky piixel kawaii winter clothes

Spreepicky is an online shop that sells really cute Japanese fashion. Winter is coming, it’s getting colder outside and it’s time to stock up with some cute comfy clothes and drink warm chocolate milk. Winter is no reason to not look cute so I wanted to share these cute clothes with you.


DreamV | Kawaii Online Stores #4

bow shoes DreamV

One of my favourite online clothing stores is DreamV or Yumetenbo like some people call them. If you like bows, bunny’s, lace and floral prints like me then they are perfect. Every time I look on their side I get this ‘OMG I WANT IT ALL’ feeling haha.


Strapya World | Kawaii Online Stores #3

korilakkuma phone strap kawaii

Strapya World is an online store that sells all kinds of kawaii stuff. They sell things like like: cellphone straps, squishies, phone cases and other cute things.

Uber tiny kawaii online stores

Etsy | Kawaii Online Stores #2

YY Kawaii online stores

A while ago I made a post about Kawaii Online stores on Storenvy. That is actually my most viewed post so I thought why not make another post like it but with Etsy stores.