90’s Favourites Tag


The 90’s is already 15 years ago like wow time flies. Time to remember the good old days with this tag I found on The Sugar Blog. I did change it a little because some questions weren’t relevant for me.

Things you collected

pokemon cards

The main thing I collected are Pokemon Flippo’s and Cards. I loved trading them and playing games at school to win some like trying to trow them close to the wall. I still have a huge collection of Pokemon cards, I love the cute art on them.

Favourite TV show

Braceface Sailor Moon

There were so many amazing tv shows in the 90’s so hard to actually choose, I think it would be a tie between Braceface (Beugelbekkie) and Sailor Moon.

Favourite game console & game

bobble bubble nessource

Like I mentioned before, we had an NES from the secondhand market and I played it so much together with my friends and my little brother. My favourite game used to be Bubble Bobble bubblebobble I even remember that I used to trade barbies for NES games with a friend. I also played Pokémon Yellow a lot.

Favorite Disney Movie


My favourite disney movie was by far The Little Mermaid I loved the movie so much and I once asked some painter if I could get a Ariel themed room. He was like, what’s an Ariel? Hehe.

Favourite candy


I loved Ringpops and everything that was sour like those little bears. And aren’t these ringpops like the cutest thing to ask someone to be your girlfriend?

Favourite Toy


I had so many favourite toys, I loved to play on our NES and play with Lego. But I also loved barbies a lot. Specially the one in the picture, the jewel hair mermaid barbie. Tough somehow she disappeared some day.

Hypes you joined in on


The hypes I joined in were the jeans overalls, Tamagotchis, Furbies and tattoo chokers. It’s funny to see that some of these hypes are back now after so many years.

McDonalds Robo DogFavourite McDonalds Toy

The only McDonalds toy I really remember was this awesome little Robo Dog. It could walk and bark.

I tag you

If you like this tag feel free to take do it to I tag everyone who wants to do this tag, I’m really curious to see what you come up with.

2 Jun 2015 | 5 Comments


  1. Dinja says:

    Ohhh yes the robo dog! I also got one of them too, but I’m not sure what happened to it (I’ve lost it).
    Really really awesome tag! <3

  2. yukulicious says:

    This looks really fun but I feel like I hardly remember anything from the days back then…

  3. omg I lived with all these things!
    90’s was the better

  4. Kayra says:

    THAT ROBO DOG ooh i love this tag haha!

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