90’s Sweetheart Earrings Review

Earring Sweetheart pink3

I found these cute pink sweetheart earrings on Etsy and simply had to buy them. They really remind me of the 90’s pastel time.

I bought them from this sweet girl called I’m Your Present on Etsy. She will ship from the United States for the once who are wondering. The earrings arrived at my door very quickly. I feel like these kind of earrings would fit perfect with the himekaji or lolita style.

  • Ordered – 15 July
  • Shipped – 17 July
  • Arrived – 22 July

im your present heart earrings Earring Sweetheart back

She added her little card, a really adorable cute gold bird pin and a piece of candy :greyheart: The back has a pink fabric stripe to keep it together.

Earring Sweetheart pink 2

I think they look really cute and are the perfect item to make a casual outfit a lot more out there and cute. The hooks where something I had to get used to because I never seen these kinds of hooks before but they work well.

You can order these earrings with a hook or clip which is great for the people who can’t wear hooks. She has a lot of different colours on her webshop for you to choose from.

couponcode summer imyourpresent

Earring Sweetheart

Do you like these kind of earrings?

22 Jul 2015 | 6 Comments


  1. Lovely earrings *-* Love them so much!

  2. Dinja says:

    Oeeh leuke oorbellen ^_^! Mijn oorlellen gaan pijn doen als ik van die hangende oorbellen lang in heb, dus meestal koop ik gewoon hele kleine oorbellen (maarja dat wist je al xD)

  3. Courtney says:

    The earrings are really cute!

  4. Coba says:

    I love those earrings! They are the perfect mix of cute, innocent and feminin, without looking too childish. A perfect piece of jewelery. Thank for for recommending this shop, I will again become poor now, hahaha :D

  5. Nagareboshi says:

    Those are adorable! (^_−)−☆


  6. Suze says:

    I love the earrings, pink is always cute. They really suit you!

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