6 Room decoration ideas


I love having my own room, I feel like it’s this little place on earth that really represents me. The once place where I can really relax. I love changing it up a bit and decorating it. Do you want to make your room cuter to? Then here are 6 cute room decoration ideas to make it a little bit cuter

1. Adding some lights

kawaii room


Don’t you love it when it’s christmas and you can hang up lights everywhere? Why not do it all year around to make your room a little bit cosier.

2. Putting photos in a shape



Do you also think that normal photo frames are a bit boring, and want to do something more unique? Then maybe you can make a shape out of the photo’s like a heart.

3. Hanging photos on a line



Or do you only have a few photo’s and is hanging the photo’s on a line more your thing?

4. Displaying small things



Do you have a lot of cute small things laying around in your room? Why not display them like this?

5. Adding cute phrases to your wall



The wall text stickers have become a lot more populair lately, and they are really cheap on eBay.

6. Put your nail polishes on the wall



Do you have a lot of nail polishes but they are hard to find in a small drawer? Why not put them up on your wall so you can look at them all day long.

Do you love decorating your room?

27 Jan 2014 | 2 Comments


  1. Eva The Human says:

    Dat foto ophangen idee zou ik wel eens kunnen doen met mijn polaroids :D leuk!

  2. DinjaDONUT vd Broek says:

    Love the ideas :D I wanna change my room into a craft room :3

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