5 Tips to lose weight or live healthier

Since 1 January i’m trying to lose weight again. I lost a lot of weight in 2009 when I was overweight so I tought why not share some small tips with you.

♥ Drink 2 Liters of water a day. You probably hear this a lot but it’s really important because water gets the bad toxin’s out of your body. Not only can you lose weight by drinking 2 Liter a day but you can also get better looking skin and hair.

♥ Replace maynnaise with a red sauce like ketchup or curry. The difference in calories between mayonnaise and ketchup is really a lot. Mayonnaise has about 100 calories and 11 grams of fat per tablespoon. Which is more then is in once slice of bread. If you really got to have mayonnaise then choose for a light version. Most of the time you can’t even taste a difference.

♥ Avoid Pizza. Out of all the unhealthy foods that I know I think Pizza is one of the worst. The average big pizza is around 1000 calories.
♥ Try to go to bed and wake up at around the same time every day. And at normal times, so do not go to sleep at 5am or something. A lot of people may not know this but it is proven in tests that when you have a regular eating schedule you gain less weight then when you eat at different times every day. Same with the sleeping. So people who have jobs with weird times like at night have more chance to get overweight.

♥ Watch what you drink. Soda has a lot of calories in. And even when you eat healthy you may still get fat just from drinking soda. Fruit juices often have a lot of calories to even if they claim to be “healthy” so if you want to lose weight watch what you are drinking.

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